Air hygiene has never been more important

Despite all precautions, air in closed rooms is always contaminated with viruses, bacteria and other that pose a risk of infection. Current studies show that e.g. SARS-CoV-2 viruses (“coronavirus”) survive for several hours as infectious bioaerosols in the air.

UVC air purification, which originates from the medical sector and the food industry, neutralizes over 99.9% of all viruses and in the air. This allows you to significantly increase the safety and confidence of employees and customers.

Ozone-free UVC air purification from the medical sector

Patented Virobuster® Technology

Neutralizes over 99.9% of viruses and bacteria

Demonstrably better air hygiene in all rooms

Risk of infection and sickness rates are reduced

Increases the safety of employees and customers

UVC air purification

To reduce the risk of infection

Pure should be used wherever there are several people in closed rooms. This is because viruses and can remain infectious in aerosols for several hours. In principle, the higher the frequency and the longer people stay in the rooms, the higher the risk of infection.

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#1. My customers’ safety and trust are important to me and I want to offer them more than the competition

#2. The fear of a possible infection is an issue that makes employees or customers feel insecure.

#3. I have facilities in which several people are surely staying for a longer period of time

#4. I have facilities that are regularly frequented by many different people

#5. I also have employees or customers with an increased need for protection (e.g. risk groups)

#6. I care about security and trust of my customers and I want to offer them more than the competitors

#7. Infections in my company could mean a high financial loss for us